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  • The lifting column LC3 sets the standard for vertical lifting
    It is quiet, powerful and improves safety around advanced medical equipment, such as operating tables, surgery chairs and X-ray applications. The new LINAK® lifting column LC3 adds a solid lift to complex and smooth movement in modern healthcare.
    Ürün Haberleri, 08 Haziran 2018 Cuma
  • Offer your customer a digital hand control option
    Using LINAK actuator systems for your comfort furniture enables you to offer three types of digital hand controls.
    Kurumsal Haberler, 15 Mayıs 2018 Salı
  • Software Development Kit enables you to tailor your own bed app
    A brand new LINAK Software Development Kit (SDK) aims to make it easier to design a unique app for comfort beds.
    Kurumsal Haberler, 08 Mayıs 2018 Salı
  • Desk Panel DPG wins Red Dot Award for product design
    The intuitively designed LINAK Desk Panel DPG1C has been awarded a 2018 Red Dot Award in the category “Product Design”.
    Kurumsal Haberler, 04 Mayıs 2018 Cuma
  • New initiatives help hospitals fight bacteria efficiently
    At the hospital in the Danish city Horsens, bacteria is fought by machine washing the adjustable beds – including the electric actuator systems attached.
    Kurumsal Haberler, 01 Mayıs 2018 Salı
  • Software Development Kit for office desk apps in mobile devices
    A brand new LINAK Software Development Kit (SDK) aims to make it easier for office desk manufacturers to design their own app with unique features.
    Kurumsal Haberler, 30 Nisan 2018 Pazartesi
  • Even more control with the Bed Control App
    A new update to the Bed Control App include the option to control neck and foot adjustment or a massage function. An onboarding flow also guides the user to properly setup the app in a few simple steps.
    Ürün Haberleri, 25 Nisan 2018 Çarşamba
  • Explore desk design flexibility with new bench bracket option
    It comes as an optional standard feature. New LINAK bench bracket solution for DESKLIFT® lifting columns will make building sit-stand bench desks much easier. The option covers columns with rectangular or square profiles.
    Ürün Haberleri, 23 Nisan 2018 Pazartesi
  • Two New Control Boxes Complete the CO Box Series
    With the launch of the CO41 and the CO71, LINAK is expanding the control box platform complementing the CO61; now making it easier to choose a control box with the right combination of features for the OEM; a new series of products with an abundance of possibilities.
    Ürün Haberleri, 20 Nisan 2018 Cuma
  • Even basic OpenBus™ systems add new features to hospital beds
    Upgrading your analogue actuator system to a basic OpenBus™ solution from LINAK will immediately give access to several value-adding features.
    Kurumsal Haberler, 16 Nisan 2018 Pazartesi
  • Maximise uptime for valves in wastewater treatment plants
    LINAK actuators are very easy to mount, easy to integrate, they are reliable and maintenance is obsolete. Using LINAK electric actuators may change traditional operation of valves in water and wastewater treatment plants completely.
    Kurumsal Haberler, 11 Nisan 2018 Çarşamba
  • How going from analogue to digital can improve healthcare
    When LINAK released the basic OpenBus™ system based on the control box CO41 and the control panel ACOM for adjustable healthcare applications, it opened the doors to a number of beneficial features in regard to efficiency, safety, and patient comfort.
    Kurumsal Haberler, 04 Nisan 2018 Çarşamba
  • Use the comparison chart to find the right TD4 solution
    The LINAK dual actuator TD4 for comfort beds comes in several versions. Use this comparison chart to find the right one for your applications
    Kurumsal Haberler, 03 Nisan 2018 Salı
  • Make the Desk Control™ App your own
    Now it is possible to add your own logo, your brand colours, and your own weblinks to the LINAK Desk Control™ App, and thereby increase brand awareness everywhere your office desks go.
    Ürün Haberleri, 22 Mart 2018 Perşembe
  • TD4+ adds more lifting capacity to heavy-mattress beds
    A variant of the LINAK dual actuator TD4 for comfort beds creates an extra option. With a lifting capacity of 6,000 N the TD4+ expands the TWINDRIVE® portfolio and enables bed designs with bigger and heavier mattresses.
    Ürün Haberleri, 22 Mart 2018 Perşembe
  • Adjust your office desk using the Desk Control App for smartphones
    The LINAK Desk Control App helps users align their personalised settings memorised in their desk panels with a smartphone. This enables the user to activate these settings with any other LINAK powered Bluetooth® desk panel.
    Ürün Haberleri, 07 Mart 2018 Çarşamba
  • LINAK introduces a basic OpenBus™ system for hospital beds
    Created upon the control box CO41 and the attendant control panel ACOM a new basic actuator system from LINAK makes it possible to introduce OpenBus™ to adjustable healthcare applications in an easy and more cost-effective way. Unlocks a world of value-adding features.
    Ürün Haberleri, 23 Şubat 2018 Cuma
  • Maintain adjustability of your comfort bed during power outages
    Using the LINAK dual actuator TD4 in your comfort bed offers your end-users the comfort of knowing that they can always lower the bed to a convenient position – even during power outages.
    Ürün Haberleri, 25 Ocak 2018 Perşembe
  • CBH is now a family of control boxes for comfort furniture
    The 3-channel control box CBH Advanced brings forth several new options for manufacturers and designers of adjustable comfort furniture.
    Ürün Haberleri, 18 Ocak 2018 Perşembe
  • New lifting column DL19 for workstations is a 1,200 N push in a smooth design
    LINAK presents a powerful lifting column able to push 1,200 N. This version of the DL19 is particularly ideal for strong workstations where attention design is also a requirement.
    Ürün Haberleri, 18 Ocak 2018 Perşembe
  • Introducing DL IC – nine new lifting column systems ideal for economy desks
    Nine new lifting columns with integrated controller form a whole series of systems increasing the number of desk options
    Ürün Haberleri, 15 Ocak 2018 Pazartesi
  • BAJL Li-Ion 4.50 Ah extends the LINAK battery series
    The LINAK lithium ion battery series BAJL is ideal for a variety of adjustable healthcare applications, such as patient lifts. The BAJL Li-Ion 4.50 Ah extends the range of options and ensures a solution for any application.
    Ürün Haberleri, 10 Ocak 2018 Çarşamba
  • Upgrade your analogue actuator system to OpenBus™ at Arab Health 2018
    LINAK exhibits at the Arab Health trade fair in Dubai, UAE, in January 2018. This time we look forward to revealing a new OpenBus™ system ideal for customers looking for ways to upgrade their analogue setup.
    Kurumsal Haberler, 10 Ocak 2018 Çarşamba
  • Showcase your corporate identity in the Bed Control App
    Make the Bed Control App your own! It is now possible to customise the Bed Control App to reflect your corporate identity and facilitate brand awareness with your logo, colours and links.
    Ürün Haberleri, 10 Ocak 2018 Çarşamba
  • LINAK at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2018
    Experience what a life in motion with LINAK looks like. Come by stand A36:28 at Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2018 and let us show you.
    Kurumsal Haberler, 09 Ocak 2018 Salı
  • LINAK raises the bar for machine washable healthcare products
    Introducing the LINAK standard, IPX6 Washable DURA™, will enable manufacturers of adjustable hospital equipment to offer durable applications ready for years of repetitive machine washing.
    Ürün Haberleri, 05 Ocak 2018 Cuma
  • LINAK wishes you all – Happy Holidays 2017
    ANIMATION: The year 2017 is coming to an end and the holiday season is upon us, and before everybody heads home, LINAK wants to wish you all – happy holidays and a wonderful New Year.
    Kurumsal Haberler, 20 Aralık 2017 Çarşamba
  • Research: Reminders motivate to use height adjustable desks
    A whitepaper conducted by a Danish behavioural design agency shows, that reminders stimulate users of adjustable office desk to change posture more often – thereby getting more out of their desk.
    Kurumsal Haberler, 18 Aralık 2017 Pazartesi
  • LINAK to push technology even further in 2018
    Products, systems and services from LINAK continue to embrace new technologies and meet future challenges within the hospital and care sectors head-on.
    Kurumsal Haberler, 12 Aralık 2017 Salı
  • DL19 expands the family of motor housing lifting columns for desks
    LINAK electric lifting column DL19 is part of a family of columns ideal if you have one top frame design, but want to vary leg designs. Optional with Kick & Click™
    Ürün Haberleri, 27 Kasım 2017 Pazartesi
  • Easy movement integration with CAN bus
    The requirements for adjustment and control of machinery in modern farming, construction and mobile outdoor equipment is quite extensive. Everything from efficiency, precision, integration, and data handling, has to be taken into consideration.
    Ürün Haberleri, 17 Kasım 2017 Cuma
  • Reminder function tells you when to change posture at your work desk
    Get the most out of your height-adjustable desk: DPG Desk Panels by LINAK include intuitive reminder functions that combine software and human intuition.
    Ürün Haberleri, 07 Kasım 2017 Salı
  • Going electric at Agritechnica 2017
    LINAK presents the future of electric actuator solutions for heavy-duty machinery within mobile agriculture. Precision positioning with CAN bus and proportional control can make a huge difference in smart farming.
    Kurumsal Haberler, 03 Kasım 2017 Cuma
  • First-hand experience of the future of adjustability at MEDICA 2017
    LINAK is once again present at the international trade fair, MEDICA, in Düsseldorf, Germany. We look forward to showing guests the future of powerful adjustment of healthcare applications and a whole new level of washability.
    Kurumsal Haberler, 01 Kasım 2017 Çarşamba
  • Quick and easy pairing of TD4 to your Bluetooth® hand control
    The LINAK TWINDRIVE™ dual actuator TD4 is extremely easy to pair with a Bluetooth® hand control or your smartphone via an app. A few very simple steps and your bed is ready.
    Ürün Haberleri, 31 Ekim 2017 Salı
  • The 3-channel CBH Advanced makes an advanced system simple
    LINAK control box CBH Advanced with three channels is ideal for comfort bed systems requiring three single actuators to obtain ideal comfort.
    Ürün Haberleri, 26 Ekim 2017 Perşembe
  • BAJL – a low weight battery with reliable and high performance
    The new Li-ion based battery from LINAK provides a higher capacity, extended battery life, and up to four times the battery power of a traditional lead acid battery solution.
    Ürün Haberleri, 12 Ekim 2017 Perşembe
  • DESKLIFT™ SetPack: Save time and reduce packing complexity
    With DESKLIFT™ SetPack, LINAK offers a complete set of two lifting columns with matching electronics and cables. The assembly of your LINAK desk has never been easier.
    Ürün Haberleri, 05 Ekim 2017 Perşembe
  • VR video: take a look inside our production site in Denmark
    Now you can discover our DESKLINE production at first hand – explore our new 360 degrees virtual reality tour at our headquarters in Denmark.
    Kurumsal Haberler, 30 Ağustos 2017 Çarşamba
  • Even more options with the TD4 Advanced and the CBH Advanced combined
    The combination of the TD4 Advanced and the CBH Advanced opens for the luxury bed market where even more functionalities are expected.
    Ürün Haberleri, 07 Ağustos 2017 Pazartesi
  • Introducing the DL19 - square design and easy assembly
    The LINAK DL19 is an electric lifting column with motor housing. It comes in a compact square design and is available with LINAK PIEZO™.
    Ürün Haberleri, 07 Ağustos 2017 Pazartesi
  • New service data tool for advanced actuator systems within healthcare
    To support the recently launched control box CO61 and the battery BA21 for adjustable applications in healthcare, LINAK has developed a new and improved Service Data Tool (SDT).
    Ürün Haberleri, 14 Temmuz 2017 Cuma
  • New design increases LINAK Bed Control App usability
    LINAK improved the user-friendliness of the Bed Control App while giving it a contemporary look, a new app icon, and making the user interface as intuitive and simple as possible.
    Ürün Haberleri, 14 Temmuz 2017 Cuma
  • LINAK twist brackets makes for a perfect fit between the TD4 and a bed frame
    When launching the TD4 TWINDRIVE dual actuator LINAK also embraced the universal way to mount dual actuator systems to bed frames. Making it easy to apply reliable adjustment to your comfort furniture.
    Ürün Haberleri, 29 Haziran 2017 Perşembe
  • Adjust your office desk with a gentle nudge
    Have you ever tried to fumble for the buttons on your desk panel on your height adjustable desk? We have removed the up and down buttons on your desk panel to avoid this scenario. Now you control your desk simply by tilting the panel. It does not get more intuitive than that. In other words, the Desk Panel series, DPG, from LINAK makes it easier than ever to stay healthy and efficient during the workday.
    Ürün Haberleri, 29 Haziran 2017 Perşembe
  • Peek behind the scenes of LINAK R&D and production
    Take a peek behind the scenes of the development and production cycle of the LINAK linear actuator LA33. Develop, test, reassess, reassemble, and test again
    Ürün Haberleri, 27 Haziran 2017 Salı
  • CO-Link™ creates a multi-channel actuator system for healthcare
    New LINAK system setup allows manufacturers of advanced healthcare applications to deliver complex actuator solutions with up to eight channels, all controlled with just one hand control.
    Ürün Haberleri, 21 Haziran 2017 Çarşamba
  • LINAK introduces new IC actuator LA33 for farming and agriculture
    Many manufacturers of adjustable applications used within for example farming, mobile agriculture, or industrial automation are familiar with LINAK actuators like LA14, LA25, and LA36. Now a new mid-range “family” member completes the LINAK portfolio.
    Ürün Haberleri, 31 Mayıs 2017 Çarşamba
  • LINAK DPG desk panels - A new way to adjust your office desk
    Four new desk panels see daylight, but they are much more than just a new family of desk panels. Accompanied with an app available for all relevant platforms, it is a solution that will change the way height adjustable office desk are used.
    Ürün Haberleri, 22 Mayıs 2017 Pazartesi
  • LINAK turns on VR at Interzum 2017 in Cologne, Germany
    Guests at this year’s Interzum fair in Cologne will not only experience new products like DL19, DPG, and TD4. A virtual tour through LINAK production awaits.
    Kurumsal Haberler, 15 Mayıs 2017 Pazartesi
  • TD4 Standard or TD4 Advanced?
    With the release of TD4 Standard and TD4 Advanced LINAK is taking a step towards a more diversified portfolio of dual actuators for adjustment of modern comfort beds. The two versions of the TD4 look very similar but which version is optimal for your bed entirely depends on your requirements.
    Kurumsal Haberler, 11 Mayıs 2017 Perşembe
  • What you need to know about the battery BA001
    LINAK Sales Engineer Stefan answers frequently asked questions about the LINAK battery BA001. The battery supplies power to an electric actuator solution. In short, it replaces the need for a power cord connected to the mains when you make adjustable mobile furniture.
    Kurumsal Haberler, 08 Mayıs 2017 Pazartesi
  • Be more productive with a height adjustable desk
    This short animation tells you how standing up at height adjustable desks improves both your health and your overall working productivity.
    Kurumsal Haberler, 04 Mayıs 2017 Perşembe
  • Lift ergonomics to a higher level
    The importance of good ergonomics for healthcare workers
    Kurumsal Haberler, 12 Nisan 2017 Çarşamba
  • Batteries BA19 and BA21 give you more options
    With the introduction of the battery BA19 LINAK accommodates a request from customers, providing a cost-efficient battery backup solution for the Control Box platform.
    Ürün Haberleri, 12 Nisan 2017 Çarşamba
  • Increase comfort and efficiency with the new ACK3
    In a world that faces tremendous future healthcare challenges with a notable decrease in hospital staff and more people in need of care– time and efficiency is of essence. With this in mind, we have developed the new Attendant Control Keypads (ACK3)!
    Ürün Haberleri, 11 Nisan 2017 Salı
  • Schneider electric reduces physical burden and improves efficiency in production
    Adjustable assembly tables helped improve safety and efficiency significantly at Dutch energy management specialist, Schneider Electric. Improved ergonomics has ensured optimal work conditions for the employees and generally benefitted the entire company.
    Kurumsal Haberler, 06 Nisan 2017 Perşembe
  • Wider variety of wireless hand controls for LINAK comfort beds
    The LINAK portfolio of wireless hand controls for adjustable comfort beds grows rapidly. Get Bluetooth operation, and features like keypad backlight, memory and torch function.
    Ürün Haberleri, 04 Nisan 2017 Salı
  • Ready to take on the healthcare challenge of tomorrow?
    Across the world, the number of people in need of care grows. At the same time, there are fewer hands to do the caring.
    Kurumsal Haberler, 31 Mart 2017 Cuma
  • HC30 Wireless: Bluetooth and intuitive advanced options
    The HC30 is a wireless, user-friendly and ergonomic hand control. With memory and Under Bed Light, it is perfect for advanced adjustable bed solutions.
    Ürün Haberleri, 30 Mart 2017 Perşembe
  • What is it like to create designs that move?
    Tine Mouritsen goes into detail about how it is to design adjustable furniture. Watch the video.
    Kurumsal Haberler, 03 Mart 2017 Cuma
  • The BA19 battery – take on future challenges within healthcare
    It is of utmost importance that the products placed in healthcare applications ease the daily work of caregivers while contributing to keeping a high hygiene level. The new lead acid battery BA19 from LINAK has been developed to meet these challenges!
    Ürün Haberleri, 24 Şubat 2017 Cuma
  • Innovative and functional height adjustable dining tables
    A height adjustable dining table in which actuators and a battery solution from LINAK is used is a new product by the Danish Skovby Møbelfabrik.
    Kurumsal Haberler, 23 Şubat 2017 Perşembe
  • Welcome TWINDRIVE® TD4 Standard – Next generation of dual actuators
    A new product is launched – Welcome to the TWINDRIVE® TD4 Standard. With this new product, the TD4 product program expands, giving you the next generation of dual actuators. It now includes both the TD4 Standard and the TD4 Advanced.
    Ürün Haberleri, 22 Şubat 2017 Çarşamba
  • New option for the actuator LA36 with IC
    LINAK now introduces SAE J1939 CAN bus control for the actuator LA36 as an all-in-one package solution.
    Ürün Haberleri, 15 Şubat 2017 Çarşamba
  • Easy solutions for balers with LINAK actuators
    TECHLINE actuator systems are easily integrated with the control system of a baler. This being with standard actuators or with more advanced IC actuators.
    Ürün Haberleri, 14 Şubat 2017 Salı
  • Kopenhagen Fur improved efficiency with focus on ergonomics
    Some 800 workstations at the world’s largest fur auction were upgraded with LINAK actuator solutions. The effects were a higher level of efficiency, a drop in sick day rate from 4 to 3.5 percent and generally, employees ended up happier.
    Kurumsal Haberler, 13 Şubat 2017 Pazartesi
  • Thank You For Visiting Us At Arab Health
    We had the pleasure of introducing healthcare for tomorrow with basic movement and intelligent care solutions for healthcare applications.
    Kurumsal Haberler, 08 Şubat 2017 Çarşamba
  • Meet the pioneers of adjustable kitchens
    For the Petersen family in Nordborg, Denmark, a renovation of their 1980 kitchen ended up with a pioneering journey into an utterly new chapter within private home décor.
    Kurumsal Haberler, 02 Şubat 2017 Perşembe
  • LINAK will help upgrade waste water treatment in Chicago
    In collaboration with a number of Danish companies, LINAK will take part in a groundbreaking upgrade of a waste water treatment facility in the city of Chicago.
    Kurumsal Haberler, 01 Şubat 2017 Çarşamba
  • Imagine a world without cables
    With the battery BA001, you can avoid all mains cables. It works with various DESKLINE® and HOMELINE® systems, and is ideal for mobile applications such as mobile carts or applications where a mains cable would be in the way, like recliners.
    Ürün Haberleri, 31 Ocak 2017 Salı
  • DL12XL – LINAK launches an extra-large column for display and monitor stands
    1700 mm – that is the fully extracted length for the new inline column, DL12XL. Made primarily for large monitors and displays, the new column increases the use of screen movement in auditoriums and other large assembly facilities.
    Ürün Haberleri, 26 Ocak 2017 Perşembe
  • LINAK will once again be present at the trade fair Arab Health in Dubai
    Experience healthcare for tomorrow when we introduce basic movement and intelligent care solutions for healthcare applications.
    Güncel Haberler, 25 Ocak 2017 Çarşamba
  • Stand up for your health with LINAK at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2017
    7 February to 11 February, LINAK will exhibit at Stockholm Furniture Fair under the theme “Stand up for your health”.
    Kurumsal Haberler, 25 Ocak 2017 Çarşamba
  • Battery technology to set you free
    The battery BA001 makes a broad range of mobile application mobile. Be Mobile. Be Inspired.
    Ürün Haberleri, 11 Ocak 2017 Çarşamba
  • Care - also for the nurses
    The importance of good ergonomics for healthcare workers.
    Kurumsal Haberler, 02 Ocak 2017 Pazartesi