• New LA40 HP gives dental chairs a power boost
    Growing demands for more efficiency and improved ergonomics in dental clinics are met with new and more powerful actuator technology from LINAK®. Power & speed without compromising low noise levels and smooth performance is achieved with the new linear actuator LA40 High Performance.
    Ürün Haberleri, 12 Kasım 2018 Pazartesi
  • Introducing a hand control HC05 with black rubber surface
    LINAK expands its range of hand controls for comfort furniture with a new version of the popular hand control HC05. In addition to the glossy white surface familiar to many customers, a new black rubber surface is now an alternative option.
    Ürün Haberleri, 05 Kasım 2018 Pazartesi
  • Powerful performance upgrade of modern operating tables
    With the new LINAK® lifting column LC3, the number of options for advanced precision movement in operating tables has grown. The product range now covers power, precision, intuitive control, and the smooth signature LINAK movement – making your application ready for the future.
    Ürün Haberleri, 29 Ekim 2018 Pazartesi
  • Power and speed to create effective movement in hospitals
    For many healthcare applications, such as operating tables, couches, beds, and X-ray equipment, a powerful actuator system is a way to achieve the efficiency required to ensure optimal treatment for patients.
    Ürün Haberleri, 26 Ekim 2018 Cuma
  • MEDICA 2018: Future healthcare goes wireless with LINAK solutions
    LINAK is once again present at the international trade fair, MEDICA, in Düsseldorf, Germany. We look forward to presenting wireless solutions and powerful adjustment of healthcare applications.
    Kurumsal Haberler, 26 Ekim 2018 Cuma
  • Add more power and advanced movement to hospital beds
    By introducing the OpenBus™ control box CO71 and the linear actuator LA40 HP (High Performance), LINAK offers even more power and advanced movement options to modern hospital beds.
    Ürün Haberleri, 15 Ekim 2018 Pazartesi
  • Flexibility and great design in adjustable treatment couches and tables
    New actuator systems from LINAK make it more attractive to have electric adjustment of couches and tables for treatment and examination. Adding to ample power, speed, stability, and several safety features, design and system flexibility now plays a significant part too.
    Kurumsal Haberler, 26 Eylül 2018 Çarşamba
  • Focusing on Li-Ion batteries from LINAK
    The Li-Ion based batteries from LINAK, are providing healthcare equipment with a stable and reliable performance for adjustable medical applications - and up to four times longer battery life compared to a traditional lead acid battery solution
    Ürün Haberleri, 19 Eylül 2018 Çarşamba
  • Safety included when you install LINAK systems
    There is a large number of features improving and ensuring safety around adjustable healthcare applications, when you install a LINAK actuator system. By using research, technology, skills, and creative new ideas LINAK helps you care for patients and healthcare staff as well as the application itself.
    Kurumsal Haberler, 18 Eylül 2018 Salı
  • Implement durable movement in yacht designs
    Movement and adjustment have never been easier to integrate with modern yacht designs. LINAK actuator solutions are durable and deliver smooth movement for a number of on-board applications.
    Kurumsal Haberler, 11 Eylül 2018 Salı
  • LINAK introduces a complete Desk Frame solution for office desks
    With Desk Frame 1, LINAK now offers a full frame solution for manufacturers of office desks. The complete and highly flexible concept is made of three sets: Kick & Click™ top frame, DL SetPack and DL Feet.
    Ürün Haberleri, 03 Eylül 2018 Pazartesi
  • Better care through a safer work environment
    In the USA alone some 200,000 work-related injuries are reported among nurses and care workers every year. Half of them are related to poor ergonomics and hazardous lifting or support of patients. This tendency is global and extremely costly. However, there are ways to improve – care for the nurses!
    Ürün Haberleri, 10 Ağustos 2018 Cuma
  • Elegant design, small and robust. This is the new LA20 Inline actuator
    With its slim and compact design, the new LA20 is a small actuator suited for a wide range of healthcare applications.
    Ürün Haberleri, 11 Temmuz 2018 Çarşamba
  • Support rehabilitation efforts with reliable sit-to-stand lifts
    As the focus on rehabilitation grows so does the need for assistive technologies. LINAK provides a full actuator system for applications like a sit-to-stand lift with the same focus and the same amount of safety features as any other patient lift.
    Kurumsal Haberler, 06 Temmuz 2018 Cuma
  • Wastewater treatment made simpler with durable LINAK solutions
    At the second largest public wastewater treatment plant in Denmark, LINAK actuators have been implemented for valve automation to achieve more uptime and ease day-to-day operation
    Ürün Haberleri, 04 Temmuz 2018 Çarşamba
  • New system setup increases overall performance of treatment couches
    Based upon the new linear actuators LA20 and LA40 HP and the new OpenBus™ control boxes, electric adjustment of treatment couches and tables has reached a notably higher level of performance – for practitioners as well as for patients.
    Kurumsal Haberler, 27 Haziran 2018 Çarşamba
  • Create benching solutions with your IC lifting columns
    As benching systems continue to be one of the fastest growing applications in today’s office, LINAK continues to offer new solutions to make these applications even more flexible for design and production. The new LINAK® bench bracket comes as a standard optional feature available for two rectangular and a square DL IC lifting column model.
    Ürün Haberleri, 12 Haziran 2018 Salı
  • The lifting column LC3 sets the standard for vertical lifting
    It is quiet, powerful and improves safety around advanced medical equipment, such as operating tables, surgery chairs and X-ray applications. The new LINAK® lifting column LC3 adds a solid lift to complex and smooth movement in modern healthcare.
    Ürün Haberleri, 08 Haziran 2018 Cuma
  • Offer your customer a digital hand control option
    Using LINAK actuator systems for your comfort furniture enables you to offer three types of digital hand controls.
    Kurumsal Haberler, 15 Mayıs 2018 Salı

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