• Easy movement integration with CAN bus
    The requirements for adjustment and control of machinery in modern farming, construction and mobile outdoor equipment is quite extensive. Everything from efficiency, precision, integration, and data handling, has to be taken into consideration.
    Ürün Haberleri, 17 Kasım 2017 Cuma
  • Reminder function tells you when to change posture at your work desk
    Get the most out of your height-adjustable desk: DPG Desk Panels by LINAK include intuitive reminder functions that combine software and human intuition.
    Ürün Haberleri, 07 Kasım 2017 Salı
  • Going electric at Agritechnica 2017
    LINAK presents the future of electric actuator solutions for heavy-duty machinery within mobile agriculture. Precision positioning with CAN bus and proportional control can make a huge difference in smart farming.
    Kurumsal Haberler, 03 Kasım 2017 Cuma
  • First-hand experience of the future of adjustability at MEDICA 2017
    LINAK is once again present at the international trade fair, MEDICA, in Düsseldorf, Germany. We look forward to showing guests the future of powerful adjustment of healthcare applications and a whole new level of washability.
    Kurumsal Haberler, 01 Kasım 2017 Çarşamba
  • Quick and easy pairing of TD4 to your Bluetooth® hand control
    The LINAK TWINDRIVE™ dual actuator TD4 is extremely easy to pair with a Bluetooth® hand control or your smartphone via an app. A few very simple steps and your bed is ready.
    Ürün Haberleri, 31 Ekim 2017 Salı
  • The 3-channel CBH Advanced makes an advanced system simple
    LINAK control box CBH Advanced with three channels is ideal for comfort bed systems requiring three single actuators to obtain ideal comfort.
    Ürün Haberleri, 26 Ekim 2017 Perşembe
  • BAJL – a low weight battery with reliable and high performance
    The new Li-ion based battery from LINAK provides a higher capacity, extended battery life, and up to four times the battery power of a traditional lead acid battery solution.
    Ürün Haberleri, 12 Ekim 2017 Perşembe
  • DESKLIFT™ SetPack: Save time and reduce packing complexity
    With DESKLIFT™ SetPack, LINAK offers a complete set of two lifting columns with matching electronics and cables. The assembly of your LINAK desk has never been easier.
    Ürün Haberleri, 05 Ekim 2017 Perşembe
  • VR video: take a look inside our production site in Denmark
    Now you can discover our DESKLINE production at first hand – explore our new 360 degrees virtual reality tour at our headquarters in Denmark.
    Kurumsal Haberler, 30 Ağustos 2017 Çarşamba
  • Introducing the DL19 - square design and easy assembly
    The LINAK DL19 is an electric lifting column with motor housing. It comes in a compact square design and is available with LINAK PIEZO™.
    Ürün Haberleri, 07 Ağustos 2017 Pazartesi
  • Even more options with the TD4 Advanced and the CBH Advanced combined
    The combination of the TD4 Advanced and the CBH Advanced opens for the luxury bed market where even more functionalities are expected.
    Ürün Haberleri, 07 Ağustos 2017 Pazartesi
  • New service data tool for advanced actuator systems within healthcare
    To support the recently launched control box CO61 and the battery BA21 for adjustable applications in healthcare, LINAK has developed a new and improved Service Data Tool (SDT).
    Ürün Haberleri, 14 Temmuz 2017 Cuma
  • New design increases LINAK Bed Control App usability
    LINAK improved the user-friendliness of the Bed Control App while giving it a contemporary look, a new app icon, and making the user interface as intuitive and simple as possible.
    Ürün Haberleri, 14 Temmuz 2017 Cuma
  • LINAK twist brackets makes for a perfect fit between the TD4 and a bed frame
    When launching the TD4 TWINDRIVE dual actuator LINAK also embraced the universal way to mount dual actuator systems to bed frames. Making it easy to apply reliable adjustment to your comfort furniture.
    Ürün Haberleri, 29 Haziran 2017 Perşembe
  • Adjust your office desk with a gentle nudge
    Have you ever tried to fumble for the buttons on your desk panel on your height adjustable desk? We have removed the up and down buttons on your desk panel to avoid this scenario. Now you control your desk simply by tilting the panel. It does not get more intuitive than that. In other words, the Desk Panel series, DPG, from LINAK makes it easier than ever to stay healthy and efficient during the workday.
    Ürün Haberleri, 29 Haziran 2017 Perşembe
  • Peek behind the scenes of LINAK R&D and production
    Take a peek behind the scenes of the development and production cycle of the LINAK linear actuator LA33. Develop, test, reassess, reassemble, and test again
    Ürün Haberleri, 27 Haziran 2017 Salı
  • CO-Link™ creates a multi-channel actuator system for healthcare
    New LINAK system setup allows manufacturers of advanced healthcare applications to deliver complex actuator solutions with up to eight channels, all controlled with just one hand control.
    Ürün Haberleri, 21 Haziran 2017 Çarşamba
  • LINAK introduces new IC actuator LA33 for farming and agriculture
    Many manufacturers of adjustable applications used within for example farming, mobile agriculture, or industrial automation are familiar with LINAK actuators like LA14, LA25, and LA36. Now a new mid-range “family” member completes the LINAK portfolio.
    Ürün Haberleri, 31 Mayıs 2017 Çarşamba

For previous news see our News Archive.
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